The IPC committee was formed in 2013 based on the policy guidelines of the Ministry of health (IPC Policy guidelines for health facilities, 2009)

The committee is composed of

  • IPC Nurse
  • One Biomedical Scientist
  • IPC Coordinator
  • One focal person
  • One Nurse representative
  • One Biomedical Engineer
  • One medical officer
  • Administrator
  • Accountant
  • One co-opt member

The IPC committee was merged with Q/A (which was dormant) in the latter part of 2014. OPAT responsibilities were added to the mandate of the committee in 2015. Therefore a

  • QA representative and an
  • OPAT representative were added to the initial constituents

A team comprising the IPC coordinator and the IPC nurse is carved out of the larger committee.

Focal persons are appointed at each unit. The IPC focal persons reports to the IPC Team



  • To improve upon quality healthcare delivery
  • Promote infection prevention and control


  • Quarterly committee rounds
  • Quarterly committee meetings
  • Weekly Team rounds
  • Daily monitoring by focal persons



There have been improvements in;

  • staff knowledge of IPC, QA and OPAT issues
  • adherence to IPC and QA protocols
  • provision of basic equipments and materials to support quality health delivery
  • Staff satisfaction survey report on the quality of care


The committee continues to face some challenge with the poor attitude of some staff towards IPC and QA processes. However, the committee is working hard to get such staff on board.


Sr. Comfort M. Apedzi

Mr. Munka Yaro

Mr. Samuel Kumi Yeboah

Mr. Clement Opoku

Mr. Paul Ntiamoah

Ms. Linda Abrafi Gyamfi

Dr. Samuel Omane Boadi

Mr. Ampaabeng Kyeremeh

Mr. Thomas Amofa Mensah

Mr. Victor Mensah

Mr. George Osei- Wusu

Ms. Patricia Blankson Asthma