Accommodation committee

The accommodation committee is a five member committee formed by management of the hospital and assigned with the responsibility to oversee all issues related to staff welfare in respect of accommodation provided to workers by the hospital.

They ensure that rooms allotted to staff are properly taken care of and ensure that the general conditions of the accommodation properties of the hospital are well protected.

They see to the immediate repairs of faults on the various residential buildings of the hospital and report to the hospital management team appropriately. As the committee responsible for estates, it liaises with management in the allocation of various accommodations to qualifying members of staff.


No. Name Position Held
1 Mr. Ebenezer Nsankyire Chairman
2 Isaac Addo Justice Secretary
3 Mr. Joseph Manu Technical Advisor
4 Mr. Elijah Combat Technical Advisor
5 Ebenezer Amonotey Technical Advisor
6 Patricia Blankson Member